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Sankt Petersburg (Saint Petersburg) Online Game

Nobles, please oblige!

Game description

Sankt Petersburg (Saint Petersburg)
Publisher Hans im Glück
Designer Bernd Brunnhofer & Karl-Heinz Schmiel
Number of players 2-4
Gamelength ca. 40 Minuten
Category Strategy game
Age 12+
Price Ca. 20 Euro
Awards "Deutscher Spielepreis" 2004, nominated for "SdJ" 2004

To the 1,200 supporters, it is thanks to them that this famous classic game returns with a new look, here in BSW.

In "Saint Petersburg" it was always primarily always about money - and that it is mainly scarce. To progress in the city and with more than 100 cards, the players must go through five phases in which they buy, buy, buy - if they can! In the first phase of the money keeps pouring in, especially for 'craftsmen'. In the second phase, the new market now comes into play, which brings a new mechanic of additional resources to generate points and rubles. Next the 'building' phase which produces victory points. Then the 'nobles' which appear to have less value, however, they have the upper hand at the end of the game. There is the fifth and final phase, in which you can upgrade cards, if you can afford to do so ...

The revival of "Saint Petersburg" also includes a number of special cards that have specific functions. A "goldsmiths" that lower the price of "noble" or "carpenter" which lower the price of buildings. Unlike real life, the "tax collector" is popular because it provides extra gold.

Neu ist auch der 'Außenminister', mit dessen Kartenportrait die beiden Illustratorinnen Anne Pätzke und Irene Bressel "Sankt Petersburg"-Autor Bernd Brunnhofer ein kleines 'Denkmal' gesetzt haben. Der Hans im Glück-Chef wie auch der Co-Autor Karl-Heinz Schmiel sind jedoch nicht die einzigen, die sich auf einzelnen Karten der Neuauflage wieder finden: Crowdfunder und Szene-Insider, die sich um die Umsetzung der Komplettüberarbeitung besonders verdient gemacht haben, tauchen als 'Austauschadelige' auf und leihen u.a. der 'Hofmeisterin', dem 'Abt' oder dem 'Baumeister' ihr Gesicht. Eine schöne Verbeugung vor engagierten "Spiele-VIPs", die Schule machen könnte.

Saint Petersburg won Deutschen Spielepreises 2004 and was nominated for Spiel des Jahres 2004.

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